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Marronm at Nov 07, 2022 07:44 AM


(16?) 19
It was time to go and we all l;earned
a great deal as we were putting
on our shoes at least ten people
appeared from nowhere inside the
building. They all were very smiling
and want us to come tomorrow.

Pete wanted me to tell you about
the tea ceremony before finishing the
art exhibition and not have. He's
been printing a few trial bits and
I've been in the dark nearly all evenings
I open and close doors turn on and
off lights and count off seconds.
But it will be grand if we can do
our own printing as well as developing.

I'll send this letter off tomorrow and then you will have
more to read, there is another boat
the twelth I think.

Loads and loads of love and
keep sending mail to Yokohama
for it is a convenient place to have
it forwarded from being near the
boats coming and going
More love