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coke and they each took some very politely and then
said they were very sorry they couldn;t eat any thing
int the afternoon so I had to hide the extra plate
in the kitchen before they saw it.

That evening we went to the movies and then meet
five friends from Calfary and they came over
to see us about ten. They were crazy about a log
house and were awfully nice about it after
they had gone we [?] for the [?] of it how
many different people had been in the house
since the middle of may and there were even
a hundred that we could remember. Thats quite
a lot when you thik of it and nearly all of them
have had tea or something.

Yesterday I worked on ski camp [?] the
dark things don't quite balance and then in the
afternoon the [?] came to tea and we discussed
pictures and [?]. They have always been
interested in Pete's painting.

Pete is over in [?] seeing about several things
there always seems to be so much to look after.
We will have an early lunch and then go out
we ought to be back in about a week I should

I saw in the [?] Miss [?] was haveing
a Removal Sale what does that mean? Is she
going to save other store or what?

I guess I had better start finding some socks?
[?]. will write soon if I can/. Tell Aunt Ida
I know she must see my letters to you and so
won't write by until I have more time. Goodness
knows when that will be.
Loads of love