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ApC at Jan 18, 2023 04:45 PM


what will people do now without her store.
Is she very ill?

Your letters have been fine and full of news
and things, still it is hard to tell everything very
fully in letters unless you write the kind those
ancestors of ours did that class & reclass each
other and which noone has time enough to look

I'm really getting quite excited about the
prospect of making a trip east. Somehow I hadn't
thought of going unless you asked special until
we went before Christmas but now the more I
think of it the nicer it would be and really we
have done so much in June & July and still
have September that really I wouldn't mind
missing most of August here. After all the
mosquito es will be gone in September and they
are pretty thick now.

Remember to wire immediately if you want me
to come and if you don't I'll just wait until
you do, so you had better right off.

Loads of love always