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ApC at Feb 01, 2023 01:56 PM


and then it came down in sheets. The others were
in rain from the time we left them until they
reached the camp about four hours kater. It was
rather miserable going for them. The snow was
still good when we went over it. but was pretty
slushy for them. You can imagine how soaked
we were by the time we got in. Some were
wet right through, but such a lot of drying clothes
as there were in the kitchen. We crossed lots of
really red snow on the other side of Opabin, its
very pretty to see.

This morning wasnt much better than
yesterday, the clouds are still low but so far
it hasn't rained which is something. I went
with a group who went to Lake McArthur this
morning and the clouds were so low that it
really was loveley and the lake an unusually
beautiful hue. Now most everyone has gone
to Lake Oesa to see that and I am getting so
sleepy I can't write any more in fact I am
afraid this is a very stuoid letter.

{Change to blue pen} Banff. Haven't time to reread this now or finish
it but will write soon. Will look up Davey Baker.

Loads of love