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Imperial Hotel

It took some time to find him, but at last he was located at the
Professors Club, and asked us if we would come over if I didn't mind
being the only lady among a lot of men. It is quite a small
club, very simple wooden building with dining room and
sitting room. Very plain and full of Professors. Dr Anesaki
seemed very glad to see us and was very jolly and lots of fun.
quite different from at Banff, where they were all rather serious.
He introduced us to several men who's fathers knew Grandpa
or they knew him. Then we were invited to have lunch and
sat at a long table. there being three such tables seating about
thirty. Dr Yatsu who met Grandpa first in 1906, but since
he died, he has been to Salem to visit his grave, and also went
to the Peabody Museum three times. He was very nice and
also lots of fun, and had spent two weeks in the Hawaiian
Islands with a Mr Ishi{line after}, sounded like Ishikawa but
wasn't, who later talked to me. A Mr {word illegible} was younger
but his father was a {word struck out: 'pupil'}student of Grandpas'. Half
way through lunch I spied Dr Takaki who came to lunch
in Concord, and he was much surprised to see us and as
nice as ever. Thinks if he ever goes to Cambridge he would like
to live in Concord, it was so lovely and restful. I thought
that Sunday as noisy and hectic as any could be. but
he evidently thoroughly enjoyed it.

The lunch was very delicious. a sort of fried crab or lobster
and hot curried something that was awfully good. It was
really great fun. After lunch Dr Anesaki and Dr Takaki
took us for a walk around the part where they thought you
might have lived. Most of the buildings of the University
are brand new. but the garden in the hollow is still