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Barbara at Mar 29, 2022 06:44 PM



Imperial Hotel

to Grandpa. marked with the book plate. I had never thought
that of course to be useful and properly catalogued etc. the books
would be in various parts of the stacks. We also were shown
some very old Japanese books, beautifully illustrated. and
then we came back. Mr Urimatsu called on us, and we had
tea together. He was one of the Secretaries of the conference last
summer. An awfully nice young fellow and an enthusiastic
skier. He invited us out to his house tonight, but I told you
that. Tuesday evening we went to a movie, "Thunder over Mexico"
a Japanese movie first. The Japanese must love long shows
as they had three feature pictures starting at six, but we were
satisfied seeing one and a half. We get the boys at the desk
to write on a card when we want to go and it makes it very
simple. We were quite amused for a Japanese man in front of
us asked the time, and then inquired where we were from etc. He
had the strangest accent, and it turned out he had gone to
college in North Dakota with a lot of Norwegians. No wonder
his English sounded funny.

The Japanese picture was beautifully taken and unlike
Hollywood stuff, very natural. The girl actually had messy
hair after coming in out of the rain! "Thunder Over Mexico"
is beautifully taken, most spectacular photography but
rather gruesome in a way. We enjoyed it though. We went
to the Ginza afterwards but it was chilly and we couldn't
find our bag man, though we wanted another bag.

I'm actually caught up to yesterday.

Mr Miyaoka had asked Pete to go with him to the Rotary
lunch & Mrs Miyaoka was to take me to Sukiyake at the
same place. A sort of public Club. The Atmosphere of a