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{written in red top left corner "48"}
{top left Bauff, Alberta
July 20, 1932}

Dearest Mother,
I wrote a love letter to Reecs? yesterday about
ski camp [?] his advice and it looks as if
we would go out today for our paintings expedition. It has
been very showery since Sunday but the
clouds seem brighter today, I mean higher.

Jackie and Barbara came up to Castle [?]
on Sunday to take us to Moraive? Lake but it rained
so hard we decided to come back here until it cleared
up its not so bad camping on dry ground and they
have it rain but when you camp on wet ground its
not worth it. Four friends of [?] arrive in [?]
on Sunday and were there for supper. We were on all
way to the tea room but Barbara insisted we come
in for supper too. You would have been amused to
see the supper. Fried [?] and canned chicken.
Sugared canned sweet potatoes and canned carrots. it
all tasted delicious there were then of us. I should
say that one the girls was a friend of Barbaras
She was awfully nice though? Jewish but the
other [?] were no typically the type that they were
funny. Uncle Harold and Aunt Hazel (Barbaras relatives)
were coming over in the evening to see the house
and so the whole bunch came.

Monday we were busy and I cleaned house
again. Mr and Mrs Oakes, who are the elderly couple
who came to the Bauff springs each year from Boston,
cause [?] [?] [?] and to see the house. They
came last year when we were painting at Mdeau?
and so didn't stay and so we asked them this
time. I made some cheese crackers and had