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ApC at Jan 18, 2023 04:33 PM


Please wire P.D. G. if you woukd like to see me.
For hinest I woukd love nothing better than to

Frances letters were so nice and I was amused
about the Manieves. Imagine all the people they had
staying there. You'd think they might save a little by
not entertaining so much. Its harder to understand
them every day.

I guess when I get home I shall have to do as
the doctor or someone did when they were called upon
to admire the new baby and say "My! What a
baby" for there seem to be so many new arrivals
I can't be truthful and say they are the loveliest
baby I ever saw to each one. Its nice Edith is to
have one & that they are taking a house in Rockport
this summer.

Wasn't it funny that Henry Stibbins? should have
come out I knew he was going to medical school
but didn't realise he had been there long enough
to be a Doctor. It would be fun to see him again.

I forgot to mention the press. We would love it
but perhaps if we waited until we were coming
out we could check it and so save express for
imagine it being so heavy it might cost quite
a bit.

What a shame Uncle George Owen had a
stroke, it is too bad for I imagine he was feeling
fairly well and spry. Its fun having the Concord
Journal to read about everyone but of course
they never mention any sickness? and so I
didn't see why Miss Houghton was having a
sale. What a shame she had to give up for