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{Top left, handwritten in pencil: '19'}
Banff -
Thursday Aug 1, 1935.

Dearest Mother,

We have had the rottenest
weather so far and terrible for sketching today
& yesterday it has rained hard and we
only hope it will clear tomorrow for the
Trail Hike. We go rain or shine for four
days. Walk ten miles a day, over thirty
of us, and it is through lovely country.
You won't hear from me for some time
but will know its because we are in
the mountains.

We asked Mrs Vaue? down to
tea yesterday & her son George and had
a very pleasant time all talking "to our"
Mr Fobes who was there last winter &
went to Skoki with us (& Dot Newman)
is here again & came in to tea too.
In the evening we tried to have some
others down who we had invited to come
rather indefinitely, but they couldn't &
Edwiner Moore came instead & we
showed her our acquisition from the
trip last year! The night before we
had two girls in after the movies,
so really we are getting all our