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Banff. Alberta.
Tuesday, Aug. 6, 1935.

Dearest Mother,

We are back safe and sound
after the wettest trip I ever saw. I should
have written this morning, but we had
callers so to speak. {line}

This is as far as I got
yesterday. We had so many people in, that
we didn't even have time for supper
and I think today will be equally
bad, and tomorrow we are going to Lake
O'Hara for a few days with Mr Kellerman
(a photographer) and his drawing friends

Yesterday morning [Re..i.s] Mighall
and his wife Sophie (who waited on us
several times at Lake Louise when you
were here) came in. They are here for
a vacation, he's a Mounted Police and
they are a fine couple. Then Pete's
Father came in as we were having
lunch to talk about the coming elections.
In the afternoon we went up to the Hotel
to see some people, saw photographs
of the Trail Hike and ended by bringing
Mrs Anderson (a lady who takes parties of
30 to Honolulu etc & lecture s too) down
to the hosue. Whike she was here, a