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{Top left corner: '21'}
{Centre aligned, printed letter head} LAKE O'HARA CHALET-BUNGALOW CAMP

Friday, August 9 1935

Dearest Mother,

We came up there yesterday with the
Kellermans, and it looks as if we might get some
decent weather for a change. Today being perfect. The
Links are here too and some friends of theirs as
well and we are hoping to be back in September.

{Left margin, handwritten pencil: 'X'} The Trail Hike was too funny in some
ways, for the weather was awful. We left Banff
about 7.30 Friday morning. Sun shining though it
had rained hard Thursday. Two Buses took us
part way, though one got stuck a mile from
Healy Creek and we had to walk that. Everyone
was in high spirits and we made a brisk start
in four groups, though later on we were all mixed
up. There were all ages represented, from a boy
ten up to Mrs Vaux who is no chicken. She
goes slowly but gets there in fine shape.
Most of the first day was on trails in the
woods, not too much climbing in the eleven
miles but a steady pull. A number of
rain showers helped to keep us cool, and
the pack train which passed us succeeded