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not to disturb the well raked gravel, as a Prince was carring there that afternoon to bring 50 of his college friends to tea. I imagine the young prince wouldn't have minded, but the man who showed us around had been there 30 years, and it would have upset him greatly not to have everything just so. We could have walked around the pond, but there was so much to be seen that morning that we decided not to. From [?] there we drove out to [blank space] t the foot of the Hazy Rapids where were [sic we're] wer to visit Seehas' villa to see the azaeleas they have there. We had some difficulty in finding it as the road was up in one place and we had to go round. They never put up any signs that a road is closed, you just go along and find it out yourself. The same thing happened later when a bridge was being repaired.

Seehas' villa was as beautifully built and planned as his house. Of course it was closed in a way, only the caretaker and I guess his wife were there. We went through the various rooms for the tea ceremony and all. The Sliaje [?] being slid back. As a matter of fact

Robe May 14th Monday

I'm sorry but I'm afraid I can't finish this before noon today. We came down from Kyoto yesterday afternoon, had dinner with Roland Davidson at his house and then went to the movies with him at a club. This lasted until midnight, all movies have two features here. We leave on the O. S. R. boat "CholruMaru" for Tientsin at noon today. We [?] Moje tomorrow morning, the last port in the inland see - and it takes four days from here to China I think. Its a lovely day for the Inland Sea.