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[?]. So we planned to take our
two Indian [?] which are
up here at the hotel. However the
[?] material didn't come
and we had nothing to put
in it's place and so decided,
we just wouldn't send anything
to Calgary and when we saw
the exhibition we hauled? our
lucky stars alright. Nu? Reupies?
had sent one paintings [?]
wutg tge Calgary thinks it looked
terribly Like a good picutres [?]
badly [?] [?] Independent [?]
at the [?] in Boston and
when we saw the group we would
have exhibited with we [?]
[?] to think how we lead
escaped? If you thought Paureu?
Haires? paintings were awful
you should have seen these.
Qwen? Hutton's were the worst too
{written correction below} Hutton'

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I struggled with a few words, hopefully someone can fill them in thanks