Logo [top left corner, crest shaped black and white reading CANADIAN PACIFIC BANFF SPRINGS HOTEL small round drawing of man with headdress, BANFF ALBERTA CANADA below crest]
{top center: 9.}
they have given Pete
a commission to paint
a pair of portraits of an
Indiant [&] Squaw looking
at each other. [?] quarters and
want them for their hunting
lodge in [?]. Isn't that
pretty good [?] for a depression.
They are to be finished by

Madame Pauet went to the Art
exhibition with us and as Pete
was taking to two of the artists
who had painted some of the
worst modern paintings she came
in and never thinking who the
two men were [?] [?] some
of the awfuk things in the [?]
room I [?] hard and
just then the lights went out
and we were left in total
darkness. We decided to leave

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