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look after Aunt [?] who I'm sure
wou;d want you to do whatever
would help you. I believe worrying
is the worst wurse in the world.
Barbaras mother Mrs Carpenter has
what they call a back and whenever
she worries of feels badly about
anything it foes to her back and
she is sick in bed and can
hardly more, yet there is nothing
really [?] it all comes from
being nervous. I imagine most
people who have troubles like that
get them from being nervous and
yet you never can seen to tell them
thats what it is. I hope Mrs Carpenter
feels better for there is [?] little she
will be able to do here if she feels
that way.

I'm so glad Eileen and the baby
are getting on well. What [?]
Aunt Julie will have. It is five
[?] is doing so well. I thought that
they were devoted to [?] on
Beacon Hill but I imagine they
may be tired of the city and if
Edith isn't going to keep on at the

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