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bank I imagine she will want
more of a place to look after. We
really do pretty well with what
house work is done but in Bauff
a maid seems more [?] than
she is worth. Also Bauff is a very
[?] sort of place in a way and
you can imagine how stories could
travel. I think the best thing we
could do would be to build a
combination studio garage and
workroom on the other [?]. Then
have a little hourse some where
for a couple to live in. The man
could do all sorts of odds hobs
which there are round a place and
maybe in a garden and then the
women could clean bake and
wash up also a little laundry
and yet we could live in much
the same way we do now only
it would give us more time.

This seems to be quite a
love letter. I had thought of
sending Zella a check but if you
think she would rather have silver
I would love to join you. Fern

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