{written in red top right corner "47"}
{top center letter head "LAKE O'HARA CHALET-BUNGALOW CAMP
{below to the right "Monday July 24? 1932"}

Dearest Mother,
The sketching trip has been most
successful and we arrived here just after linch
today and fo to Lake Louse tomorrow morning
sometime. Its rather cloudy out right now so
though Pete is sketching I though I might as
well write you and tehn have a bath.

I think I wrote you the day we left
for Moraine Lake. It looked a bit doubtful as
to weather but this seems to be what they call
a wet summer" and it may shower any time
and you never can tell when the good weather
will be. So we decided we might as well start.
We drove to Moraine Lake and left the car there
you rememer Moraine don't you where Nell and I
walked into Cousolation Lake and there we all
had tea afterwards. The camp there is run by
some [?] ladies and they are very nice but
can't understand why so few people go there
and yet when we asked for tea the other day
all they gave us were some [?] little [?]
all buttered about 2 a pieve and each only
a mouthful and the whole thing cost us for
three $1.45 and in Bauff one ca get a whole
supper for $.45. We didn't have quite such
heavy packs as before and Victor went back
to the car next day for the extra stuff. All I
have with me is my sketch box, a five pound
sleeping bac, an air pillow you blow up, a
towel, tooth brush, paste, comb, knife, [?] of

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