a struggle. The tent worked well and gave
plenty of room for Pete and me with our
belongings as well. We hung the food up on
these poles in case some gophers or other
animals decided to sample it and Vic
picked a nice rock to sleep on as he said
it would be "so nice and flat". He evidently
didn't mind the hardness. It began to cloud
up quite early so we didn't try to sketch
that night. However I don't remember that it
rained at all.

The next day I was so sleepy I couldn't
keep awake in the morning. Wevhad a good
10 to 12 hours sleep but the combination of
a hot sun and the altitude were too much
for me and I actually slept for over an
hour before lunch. Pete made two sketches
and then after lunch we decided to go further
up the Valley to a ridge where there was
still quite a bit of snow being? from a
big cornice which had been formed last
winter. It was a few hundred feet above
our first camp and really as high as
the trees grow there. It was a lovely spot
a ridge on one side dropping down to the
glacier which melts into Moraine Lake and
all Ten Peaks stretched out in a row
in front of us. On the other side was Larch
Valley with several creeks of running water
a little lake, Eiffel and Pinacle Peak on
one side & Sentinel Pass between Pinnicle
and Temple and then to the west east the
Bow Valley and Castle Mountain. We loved

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