{Centre aligned} 5
{Centre aligned, printed in blue} LAKE O'HARA CHALET-BUNGALOW CAMP
{Centre aligned, printed in blue} HECTOR, B.C.
it so much up there that we decided to move {printed above line of text: '.........................193'} camp.
Victor had gone down to Moraine in the morning
for the extra food but he managed to move all
camp in two trips while Pete & I made a
sketch. You would have thought that we had
the place to ourselves but we saw two people
walking up towards sentinel pass and then
late in the afternoon Chris and a lady climber
came over the pass and seeing our smoke
yohoed? and we could watch them all the
way. Vie went down the ridge to see who
they were and found they were to climb
Pinnacle mountain next day.

The Ridge proved one of the finest places to
camp of all. Vie is terribly willing and didn't
mind at all going down for water for the
creek was just below us about two or three
hundred feet and it was steep enough to
throw a stone into the water below. As we
lay in our tent we could watch the sunrise
and see the color of the sunset and there
was only a little group of trees directly in
front of the tent and it looked as if we were
on the edge of a cliff for you couldn't see
the ground directly in front. The wind blew
pretty hard except when it was dark which
in summer is only a few hours but the
mosquitoes weren't so bad.

We had very good weather and though the
sun was hot still it was lovely with a
cool breeze. We watched Chris and his fat lady

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