tourist most of the way up Pinnicle and
we could see them standing on top and they
even yelled to us though it was quite a way
off. After lunch we thought we would go to the
top of Sentinel Pass and look over into
Larch Valley we saw Chris and the lady
start down and watched them until it was
too late to go up Sentinel. We asked them
to come & have a cup of tea with us but
the fat lady (she was fat too) didn't think
she could climb the ridge and as a storm
seemed to be coming up we went back just
in time to get the food under cover. After a
very brief shower we were sketching when
Dan McCowan, the lecturer, suddenly appeared
over the ridge from the Moraine Valley with
a camera all opened ready to snap pictures
and a small pack. He was anxious to get
a certain picture before the next storm came
over and so he couldn't stop either. All he
said was that people came to Banff, went
into the Hot Springs, took the Tunnel Mountain
drive and saw the Buffalo and thought
they had seen the mountains. Its true too,
of most people. It rained several times
that evening, thunder storms but we didnt
seem to get the worst of any of them.

Next morning having gone to bed before eight
we managed to get up at seven. We had
breakfast & packed up and started for Wenchemna?
Pass over which we were to go then across
Prospectors Valley and over Opabian Pass to
the meadows above O'Hara. We cut down
from the ridge until we reached the trail below
and from there it was mostly a walk until
we reached the foot of the pass where a lot of

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