up in the Opabin meadows where we go so much
with the Leicks? in September. We found an
awfully nice place to camp on a sort of
ledge above a creek. Very protected and
mountains all around. It looked as if it might
rain but we had the tent up and a meal
in us before it did rain about four thirty
or so. We had a transcript with us which
we read very thoroughly during a heavy shower.
Then about severn we had some Vitone? and
went to bed. It rained a good part of the night
but we didn't get a bit wet or even damp.
Pete had a moose try to get into his sleeping
bag but Vic had a worse time the next
night when a pack rat actually got into
his sleeping bag and we were all awakened
by some mild curses. Vic hung up every
thing he could and put the rest under his
pillow but the rat managed to carry away
our bacon and but it its place a stick
They always put something back in place of
anything they take.

Yesterday was a lovely day and we
sketched pretty steadily Pete doing four and
I three. Though mine were pretty rotton? We
could see boats on the lake and Vic called
them the Swiss navy and we never realized
that Barbara & Jackie were in one of them.
They came up on Sunday. We were late going
to bed last night, it was 8.30 when we
{pencil: 'X'} crawled in {pencil: 'X'}

Today started out by raining hard but
by sleeping until 8 the sun was out when
we got up. We packed up after breakfast
as everything was dry and we didn't want
a shower to get things so damp that we couldn't

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