{Centre aligned} 9
{Centre aligned, printed in blue} LAKE O'HARA CHALET-BUNGALOW CAMP
{Centre aligned, printed in blue} HECTOR, B.C.
{Left aligned, printed in blue: '.........193'}
pack them very well. I also mended Pete's
pants. You would have laughed could you have
seen us. He was stretched out on his tummy
while I endeavoured to patch the two holes he
had made sliding over rocks. They were
pretty obvious and I really made quite a nice

We went across the meadows to sketch and
just as we were almost finished a black
cloud came over the mountain. You really
have no way of telling how bad a storm it
will be until its right over you and the first
thing we knew it was hailing and then
a perfect down pour. We had our umbrellas for
shading our sketches and really we must have
looked funny. Pete & I sat on our pack with
our heads sticking through the hole in the poncho
and holding umbrellas over us. Vic even had
his head under his poncho and there we
sat like hens sitting on eggs only we didn't
cluck. The storm passed over eventually and
while Vic & I cleaned up all the food we
could Pete finished his sketch and then
we came on down to the camp.

It was too funny for as we came in The
Pevinishes? who we know were just leaving
and they were hating to go and wanted to
know where we had dropped from. They had
to feel our packs and wonder how we had
even carried them. The joke is thet look bigger
and feel heavier when you lift them with one hand

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