all Concord is pretty darn nice even if it is a bit hot
in summer. Maybe you could tell me how to cook a
few things too for my repertoire is very small and
Im rather timid about trying things in the cook
book. You know June is one of the nicest months
in a way though you never can depend much on
the weather. Still it is usually nice. I was thinking
that next year if you could come out then we could
have lots of fun around the house. You could help
me landscape garden the place for some how I
never get around to it myself, and then there
seeems to be more time to do things. This summer
we have accomplished so far much more than we did
all last year for then as you know we never got
properly started. The only way to paint is to get off
by ourselves in the mountains and go to it. And
this year both at Yoho and on this last trip we
have really done a lot.

Yesterday when we got in there was word that
they wanted to see us at the hotel so we went up
right after supper and were busy until midnight
seeing people about things. More things seem to
{Left of text in margin, handwritten in pencil: 'X'} happen all the time. Mr Pollard wanted us to
splice the ski movie which has been shown
four times in the last week at the hotel and had
broken in several places. We also are cutting
off the bottle scene for the general public. Then he
was incensed because some nights paintings of
an Indian had been hung with ours at the
hotel and its a dreadful thing painted from a
photograph by a Canmore miner and it makes

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