{Top right, handwritten in red: '72'}
{Centre aligned printed header } LAKE O'HARA CHALET-BUNGALOW CAMP
{Left aligned} Saturday evening August 5 1933

Dearest Mother

Here we are at O'Hara safe and sound
though thoroughly soaked before we got in. We would
run into bad weather, but in every other way the
Sky Line Hikers is a great success.

Pete and I drove up to Lake Louise
Fridy evening after supper, having spent rather a
hectic afternoon seeing friends off on the train,
helping Jackie hang pictures and then had
supper about 5.30 and then about seven or
maybe it was 6.30 started to get things together
for the trip. for it was 7.30 when we finally
got off after numerous last minute things to see
too. Pete had to be at the Chateau at nine for
a meeting. Henry Kingman was there and he
introduced me to a lot of Alpine Club people
and so I had fun talking to them until Pete
was through. Then we spent a while in Doug
Harvies room and it was midnight before we
got to bed. We were up at 6.30 and the
first to breakfast, thats why I had time to

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