write you a line in the morning before we left. It was
hard getting everyone & everything ready, and though
we were supposed to have at 8.00 it was 9.00
before we got off. We have two Swiss Guides and
are divided into two Parties. I am with Ernest
in the first party and we are usully a little
faster than the others. With us are Georgia [E..lchard].
(The girl from New York who has climbed so much
out here & looks like a boy, in fact twice on trains
she has been told she was in the wrong wash
room!) I am really with them. Col Moore
Mr Byson Harmon? (the Photographer from Banff.)
Doug Harvies? (the C.P.R. man in Banff who Russ
has met and is so interested in the skiing?) Mr N
B. Samson (who lives in Banff has just
returned from the Rotary convention in Boston
and is over 70 years of age and last year
completed his 1000th ascent of Sulphur
Mountain to the weather but there where he
made observations) Then an English lady,
Miss Watts, a silly sort of girl with a high
voice named Miss Page and a Miss Joyce,
also a Scotchman? from Philadelphia a Mr
Somerville and then yesterday Fred Aumbusty?
& a Mr Burt, a singer, went with us for the one day.

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