{Centre aligned, printed header} LAKE O'HARA CHALET-BUNGALOW CAMP

since May. I expected to find it hard or at least
feel stuff, but we weng fairly slowly and I didn't
feel tired at ll. The men had teepees and we were
in [.ab..s] beung ladies - When we first went in I
spied a wasp crawling round and pointed it out
to the others, where upon he flew to his nest i.
the ceiling and disappeared inside. However he never
appeared again.

We had a fine supper and then sat around
a big open fire in the camp ground, where we sang
a bit and told stories and then were all glad to turn
in early as we were to leave at seven o'clock next
morning. They woke us at six and we did get an
early start which was lucky. Again it was an
over cast day but cleared very nicely around nine
or ten and then the clouds blew in again. We
walked from Moraine up the valley, over Wenchemna
Pass, down into Prospectors Valley up over Opabin
Pass and down to Lake O'Hara. We reached the
Eagles Eyries in Prospectors Valley at lunch time,
and had finished our lunch by the time the
rest arrived. It started raining then we went on
and were lucky for we ran oyt of the rain
until we were on the Glacier near the top of the Pass

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