entertaining done in the poor weather.
Oh yes, yesterday morning a very
good photographer from New York came
over in the morning to see Pete's [firea]
pictures. He had some of the best pictures
we have ever seen and gave us some
vety valuable information about making
prints, names of papers etc and
we are to see him next time we go
to New York. He was with some
German boys who were climbing.

Your last two letters were from
Rockport. I'm so glad you got away
at last even for only a few days,
as a change & salt air is always
good for one. It sounds like such
a nice place, couldn't you run down
again for a few days later on. When
the Mayors get to [Am.ir..arn]. Why
not take Elinor Johnson, or Mrs
Sohim? or someone with you. For I
do hate to think of you all alone.
It was nice Mrs Aarmstrong & Josephine
& Kitty could go down one day.
How long do you think they will
be in Concord?

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