Mr Mitchell? came in to borrow some
canvas. He is a well known New York
Artist. They stayed from 5.30 until
7.30 and Pete drove them both back to
the hotel, while I made sandwiches
for the Kellermans came were due then.
Luckily Mr Kellerman was a little
late, so we had time for a glass of
milk each. But he stayed until
after eleven when he finally did
come. He gave us a lot of helpful
information about photographs. While
he was here a Mrs Brown from
Calgary called but I kept her on
the doorstep. She's an awful woman.

It is now nearing fuve and I
am just about all in Barbara &
Bubly were here while we were eating
breakfast. Carl Rungins? came as I
finished making the bed. Mr Gibbon
came at eleven to look at our photographs
& sketches, and picked out nine sketches
and three photographs they want to
publish. They may not take them
all but if they do it is $ 225, so worth
and we get the sketches back. Miss
Booz from Pittsburgh came in before
he left and was here until lunch
time or one. I was washing the dishes
at two, when Mr Chapman & two

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