in making the trail as muddy & messy as
possible. We had lunch at a Fird, and Miss
Booz in the excitement of crossing a log with people
taking her picture from behind and in front
managed to lose her balance and fall into a
rushing creek. Carl Rungins said he could
have gotton an excellent picture of her but
hadn't the heart. Pete jumped in after her,
for she was getting under the branches from
the log, and as he was soaked to above his knees
he assisted the others across. It was all rather
amusing at the time, but as it turned out, none
of them had dry feet from then on. We counted
wildflowers that day, and as we walked from
the valley to above the trees we counted 72
varieties of wildflowers, and before the end of
the trip we had seen 107 different flowers.
Quite a lot when you think of it.

That evening we arrived in camp in the
pouring rain, and the boys were only just
putting the teepees up. So the ground was well
soaked before hand and the wood was wet,
also the bow beds we made our beds on. We
had air mattresses which one blows up and
which make the most comfortable kind of bed.

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