below quite high mountains- The funny part
really began that evening, though it was pretty
[?] for a time. The light head failed as we
went down & it was [?] [?] [?]. We followed
the tracks of the others. Then at the foot of the hill
turned right by a creek. Seeing a bush? blaze?
on [?] tree we turned off towards the lake.
walked a quarter of a mile and suddenly came
into an open bit and found all the [?] who were
ahead of us sitting about. [?] [?]. a [?] [?] of [?]. &?
several girls. [?] [?] we were told was trying to find
the [?]. he had [?} the lake with no success. It
did seem stupid to get to egypt? lake & not be able to
find the Teepees. [?] a [?] [?] [?] found? a trail
& [?] them in gladstone? the game [?] rode up on
horse back. and told us we must go back to the creek.
for the blaze ha meant nothing. We found the camp
all right & three ladies who were behind us came
[?] all right too. [?] & [?] [?] decided to go fishing?
and miss [?] & I went over to watch. But loud thunder
and rain scarred us back and [?] as we got into
the teepee it started hailing. such? a noise and in the
end we had piles of hail stones all around the edge of
the canvas. We were lucky not to get caught in it
as most of the people did. Dan? [?] [?] came in
with a party of people. turned off by the blaze as
we had. Dan? found the lake & you can [?] his
[?] to find people [?]. It [?] & [?]
and rained again, but no one else appeared.

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