{Top centre: "2"}
and dressy looking ones who
are the friends and the
unnoticeable ones are the people sailing.
She told me all about the trip
over for she and a lot of others
going to Los Angeles just stay
on the boat. They picked up
some 85 people on the Island of
Hilo who were making a movie
"Frightened children" or something
like that. Claudette Couberte {above the line in blue: 'Colbert'} (I
can't spell it) and Auv/ Mary
Bohlen {above the line in blue: 'Borland'} (or is it Ann) and directed
by Cecil de Mille. They are
still on board and its rather
fun. Mary Bohlen {above the line in blue: 'Borland'} stood by
us throwing streamers as we
left and in fact threw {gh one of
mine. She's very amusing.
{Note from transcriber: actress actual name is Boland}

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