{centre} 4
This particular lie {sic} lasted with
a pleasant fragrance for over two
days and the room was full of the
oder {sic}. Kitty would love it. The Leis
are long enough to hang to your waist
and are from an inch to three
inches thick. Its such a nice way
to welcome people and its the thing
to do the wear them the first day.
We were quite a while getting tied
up, and its such a lovely pier -
cement, with an open paizza {sic}
sort of place all along the top with
a roof over it. Hanging baskets of
ferns and the Hawaiian band
playing a welcome and hundreds
of people waving. Its really a
lovely sight.

Pete Fulsher {the correct spelling may be Fulcher} (a girl who used to
live in Banff but now lives here) was
down and put another lie {sic} around

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