{centre} 12
Its nice being in a cottage for one
can go & come without anyone
being the wiser and we don't get
as involved doing things in the hotel.
We eat where we like and even if we
do eat at the Moana it is very inexpensive
which is nice. Also when we swim
we can undress here and walk over
which is so convenient. You can wear
anything you like and not be noticed.
Its quite funny for things that are
very expensive in the east are
practically given away here. The Lei
had 25 gardenias in it and cost 25
cents and this noon I ordered an
alligator pear salad for 30 cents
with rolls and much to my
surprise had eight scooped? scraped? out
halfs {sic} of Alligator Pears! Pete
let me taste some raw salmon
one day in a salad but it tastes
like any ... salmon. We are having

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