and then drive the car down to be put aboard
in the afternoon. We had supper at the
Moana with Guy Davenf? at the manager
and then he drove us down to the boat.
You would have had a fit over our leaving.
Guy being manager as always being
asked this and asked that and its a
minute more there and a minute more there.
We got a boy and had the luggage put
into the back of the car, eleven pieces, two
bags for Pete, two black ones for me, the tiny
one, a duffel bag each. Two sketch boxes
and a box of panells and a straw basket
with bathing suits and a hat in a paper
bag. When we were ready Pete went in to
get Guy and he had disappeared someone
thoughf he had gone up the street. The boat
left at nine o'clock sharp and it was
then 8.20 and several miles to go.
However we thought of you and said 8.30
was plenty of time. At 8.30 Pete went
along the street to look and I began
having visions of rushing for the gang
plank our arms full of bags and
bundles. We loaded some more and
finally saw Guy wandering towards
us very slowly, evidently thinking
there was plenty of time and of
course there really was, he didn't
say anything for he was being good

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