{Left top corner, hand written in red: '13'} 3
enough to drive us way down , but we
did get a little inpatient when he saw
a cunning dog and started playing with
it. However we soon started and luckily
I saw a clock "twenty to nine" which
I read aloud and Guy decided not to
drive around Honolulu to show us the
buildings at night. We really were in
plenty of time and found we had a
nice state room and everything was
fine. It was a pretty sight looking out of
the harbour, passing the "Lurline" again in
port, all lighted up and the Asama {Right margin, pencil: 'X'}
Maru in too, the Empress of Canada,
a C.P.R boat from the Orient was first
coming in.

We woke at quarter to six next morning,
Friday, the sun was about to rise and
we were entering the harbour of Nawiliwili.
It doesn't take long to dress here. One wears
so little and we were having breakfast
on the boat soon after docking. We piked
the bags into the car which was already
off the boat, and started for Lihue. We
were going to stop and leave our stuff
at the Hotel and originally had planned
to eat breakfast there but we'd had it
on the boat (it was included in the fare.
though unfortunately we didn't know it
until after we'd finished, or we might have

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