eaten more) and it seemed silly to
unload the stuff if the cottage was
ready. So we filled up with gas and
started for the other side of the Island.
Its about 35 miles to Hanalei and is
easy to do in an hour and a half. It
was a beautiful drive, cool and fresh
at seven in the morning. There are several
stores in Lihue, one general store which
has everything and lots of little Chinese
and Japanese stores too. The other little
places we came through had perhaps
one or two Chinese or Japanese places but
that was all. They did have schools
though. Most of the land is planted in
sugar cane or pineapple and then
there is quite a bit of rice, mostly
{Left margin, handwritten pencil: 'X'} over here at Hanalei. The sugar cane
was a lovely sight. It is a beautiful
light green and the fields are tremendous
going part way up the mountains. They
are all practically all irrigated. It
takes 18 months for most varieties to
ripen, though some can be cut in 10
or 12 months or 14 months. However it
only flowers in November and after
it flowers it doesn't grow any more
cane. So if the crop hasn't formed
the cane by November they cut it
back to get it over the flowering
period. Some crops after they are harvested

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