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{Top left, hand written in red: '13'}
Hanalei, Kauai
Hawaiian, Islands,
Sunday, Nov, 19, 1933

Dearest Mother

I'm afraid you will have a
long wait between my last letter and
this one, but I did send a card in
between, yesterday, which I hope you get.
There is so much to tell you now that I
hardly know where to begin but I'll
tell you about Kauai first so you will
have an idea of where we are and
what we are doing.

{Left margin, pencil: 'X'} Pete had written over to a
Mr Saubom? here at Hanalei who was
recommended as having cottages for rent.
otherwise there was only a rather expensive
hotel to stay at. Mr Saubom? wrote a
nice letter but we decided it would be
better to come over and see the cottages
before deciding definitely and if they
weren't ready we could go for one night
to the expensive hotel in [?]. We
got a [?] on the Inter Island boat
which is something like the [Ro...land]
boat only more modern and then
spent all moring Thursday packing.