I think I told you about the picnic of Canadians at the beach on the other side

of the island, and the same day going to dinner at Joe 'Eckana's?' As we were

waiting to go to the 'Potty?' Commander of Mrs Nichols called. Aunt Nela's

friends and of course were terribly nice, wanting us to come out for meals etc.

We asked them to dinner on Sunday night at the hotel when Joe Kamakana

would sing and they seemed to enjoy the Hawaiian music as much as we did.

Sunday afternoon we went to a cocktail party at the [F......], and we back in time

to meet them and the Moores joined us for another cocktail and then we six sat

together for dinner which was fun. [E......] eating with other friends. After dinner

the Nichols came over to our room to see some photographs and we got out

books and all sort of things. had a grand time and they went back about eleven

'or?' later.

Insisting we come to their house for Japanese Sukyaki some time before leaving.

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