Watkins but we couldn't
find a suitable wooden
box and so sent it with
yours to you . and could
you do it up together with the box
of five Japanese dolls and send
it to her marked from Pete? She's
a great favorite of his as you know.
I think there is a Lau hala hat in
the box too which maybe you could
use in the garden and inside this are
two paper leis given to us by
Mabel as a parting gift. We'd like
to keep them and sent them to Concord
to give you an idea what a lei is
like. The toy {striked through 'Pete'} for you Pete saw
and decided you should have it.
We had such fun playing with it
we began thinking of what little girl
would like one and thought of
Margee. Thats why we got the two.
One for you and one for her. The
one for you we had on our bureau
for several weeks. In another

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