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and besides we did a lot. Tuesday
night we went to a Luau, a Hawaiian
feast. given at the Brays. for tourists
'nally?' everyone paying. but lots of
Hawaiians were there to help entertain.
The 3 Moores went too. and 'Hiram?'
one of the Beach boys. The Brays are
quite a family. Mr. Bray is Hawaiian
and his wife mostly Irish and the
family both! They make you feel
right at home in their house by
serving cocktails in the kitchen
and being busy putting the last
things on the tables which are laid
on a large covered porch at the
back of the house. The real kitchen
being down in the cellar somewhere.
The house being on a hill that slopes
away at the back the porch is up in
the trees really - or seems so. Its
much larger than our porch at home
and plants in pots and hanging
baskets are around the walls so it
is all rather nice. There were about
forty other tourists there too and
a good many Hawaiians making

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