{Top centre: "8"}
quite a lot of us. The feast was
very much like that we had at Joes.
but no crab.
Just before dinner we all went out -
side and saw the pig packed in
ti leaves being brought out of the
ground well roasted. and really
it was delicious. The {inserted above: 'word'} Luau comes
from the dish of chicken with a
spinach sauce. very nice but hard
to eat with the fingers. Its funny
how really messy it is eating with
fingers when you aren't used to it. Its
quite an art. There was Poi. [.....]
Salmon. backed sweat potatoe.
baked banana. coconut pudding
and fresh pineapple. It was all
delicious. and they started you
off with small portions, giving you
all you could manage later on.
After dinner they played music in
the tiny living room until the
tables were cleared away and
then we all went onto the porch
again sitting in a circle while
they gave a grand Hawaiian

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