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entertainment. There were
several girls or older women
singing. two girls who danced
and Mr + Mrs Bray + their son
who did 'this show?'. Then there
were two girls who used to be hula girls,
one was very 'snakey' in a way and
the other did the livliest hula I have
ever seen. She was the largest girl
or woman I ever saw outside a side
show and was dressed in a ti leaf
skirt and all. She was so 'shamed'
at first that it was hard to get started.
but once she started she was away.
The surprising thing was that she
was very light on her feet and did
all sorts of old steps one doesn't see
now. The Hawaiian boys loved it and some
people weren't sure how to take it. but it
really was a real hula. The Moores came
with Mr & Mrs Stewart who are rather
correct or try to be. sort of Y.M.C.A. type
but very nice. They left soon after the
entertainment, and, I'm sure took things
too seriously. [E.....] was crazy to go and
thought an Australian girl, Miss Clayton,

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