{Top centre: "10"}
and somehow they didn't seem to enter
in to things very much. We were sorry
we hadn't come alone in a way. However
[E...ie] brought us in their car and stayed
quite a while after {strikethrough: 'we did'} which was
something. It was all very informal and
a good deal of piano playing and
singing. A very attractive Chinese girl
was there with her friend who danced
the snaky hula, and I spoke to her
quite a bit and sat next her during
the entertainment. We were much amused
when the girls danced alone and then
would get {strikethrough: 'men'} tourists to dance with
them, who loved trying to do hula's
and were very amusing. After it was
over the Chinese girl, Sally, introduced
me to her friend, Harriet Robbins, the
latter was terribly nice to me and we
had quite a chat. She had just
returned from Bali Java. China
and Japan saying we'd like Japan
best. the the dancing in Java was
wonderful. She wanted to come down
to the boat to see us off. They would
do anything for one. She said her

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