father came from Canada, but didn't
know from where, and her Grandfather
is a Doctor there, again knew no
place. We decided her father must
have been a sailor. Her mother
wrote several of the well known songs
they sing. She insisted we drink
a toast together so I would remember
her. As you click glasses 3 ways you
say. "Never above you." Touching the base
of your glass to the rim of the others.
"Never below you." the reverse, your rim
to their base. "Always with you"
and then click glasses together. Its
rater nice.

Just before going up ther I started to
sneeze steadily as I often do here with
hay fever. and every once in a while
I would sneeze at the Luau. but
there were lots of flowers to agravate it.
However Wednesday morning I was all
stuffed up, still a sort of hay fever
feeling. We had been late getting back
near midnight, and stayed to listen to
them singing some of Hawaiians songs
which are very sentimental but
fine. It was the beginning of our

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