last hectic days. The Nichols had
called us to say we could go out on a
submarine that morning. So Wednesday
we were up at six and waiting at quarter
of eight for Philip Nichols. He drove us out
to Pearl Harbor where we went aboard S 18.
on of the Submarines built during the war
completed after. There were several ladies
already aboard who were going out, young
officers wifes, five in all. Phil Nichols
submarine was in dry dock but it may
have been better the way it worked for
he had nothing to do but show things to
us, and otherwise would have been busy
commanding. They started out soon
after we got there, backing easily out
[....ing] and then going out the Channel
into the open sea. The Submarine is
very narrow, though under water it is
much larger. We stood on the deck
going out the Channel and were served
delicious coffee. Then we climbed
up into the bridge which is like a
box in an opera house, being about
that size maybe smaller. Say 6ft
by 5ft. including steering geer, compass.
shelf for chart, 2 seats and a hole
in the center to go down through to the

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