Coning tower below. There
wasn't much room and always
the feeling of stepping through
the hole. It was blowing a
gale, or felt like it and was very
choppey. We went out of the entrance
to the harbor and looked for a good
place to dive. (Tell Aunt Nela to
remember I'm writing the letter so not
to worry.) {strikethrough: not legible} (also that I'll have to
make a good story out of it, so take
it with a grain of salt) The American
Navy seems very democratic in the
way they do things. There's none of the
snap and saluting and all that
we saw on the Karlsruhe, but then
who can say which is best. It was
more like a pleasure cruise or some-
ones private yacht than anything
else. We got outside a way and
there seemed no one around. a
fishing boat in the distance a
few submarines way off. So they
decided to make a dive. The Army
was shooting at targets off shore
but they didn't think it was near

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