where we would be. Each submarine
has to make so many emergency
dives a year to be in the competition
for efficiency. 200 a year I think.
We were told to go down through the
hole to the Coning tower below, by a
straight little ladder, being warned
not to touch some sort of control on
the way. What would have happened
had we I'm not sure. I think it
would have shut doors or something.
Needless to say we were very careful.
The little ladder continued down
through another hole to the Control
room below. We were allowed to
stay in the Coning Tower where we
would be able to see the ship submerged
through tiny portholes. I was sure
we would forget and step back &
into the hole for there was just
about a foot of room to stand on
round the open man hole. It was
all sort of quiet after the order was
given to dive. The Captain has to
remain on the bridge until not the

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