people were wearing and then went down
town and got a bright yellow bathing
suit for $ 1.95 and it fit very snugly and
as 'Edmee?' said was even more scalloped
out than hers. The first day she wore a
kimona and a sort of coat but soon
just one of them, and she ran about in
and out of the water and looked suprisingly
well, though her place to sit on is unusually
large and didn't look any smaller
covered with yellow jersey.

Am enclosing clipping about Phil [La.e's]
(Mr Keye's cousin ?) engagement to the girl
who sang the songs in costume at
Lake Louise. Do you remember?

Isn't it funny having to take fresh
bread by Plane to Nantucket, butter &
potatoes too. Wouldn't you think some
one would be able to make bread enough
on the island - I guess its purely an
advertising stunt.

They have fresh strawberries on the
island but are used mostly in short -
cake. I doubt if they are as good as Concord

To tell the truth I think the operas
over the radio do seem rather long and
get a tiny bit tiresome near the end, but
then one has nothing to watch.

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