What a letter. It is now
nearing eleven and we are
packed & Pete already in bed.
We had cocktails here with
Mr Bonner 2nd Intermediate Engineer
then Pete went down in the engine room
with him as a real guide. then cocktails
with him in his quarters, where we
looked at his photographs. I feel I
know the past of all the officers
having looked at four albums so far.
war pictures and all. Then dinner
and liqueurs in our cabin with Mr

Vienol and 'Berner?', they talking
until nearly ten.

So now goodbye for the mean -
time. we reach Japan at the crack
of dawn and I believe a boat
leaves with mail

Our address.
To Canadian Pacific. Yokahama.
Loads of love to you all & do write
a lot for we will be anxious for
mail. So very much love to you
Mother. Will think of you all the time.

Catherine {insert with different ink: over}

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