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Saturday, March 24, 1934.

Dearest Mother,

Here we are, and I can hardly believe it even yet.
and why in the devil you and Pete didn't get me here
before now I can't imagine. I wouldn't miss the little I've
seen already for anything. I could hardly believe all the
things we saw. Japanese ladies with their hair in elaborate
arrangement, little boys & girls too. everything fascinating
even the most squalid districts which would compare to
the train ride from Boston to Salem or Waltham.

I woke at four and was scared to sleep
anymore in case we didn't wake up soon enough and by five
I couldn't stay in bed much longer and it was growing light.
Pete got up too and we were on deck by five thirty. There was
the loveliest pinkish tint in the sky, exactly like the pictures
one sees of Japan and everything was lovely and soft. The
sea a silvery green. It was blowing a perfect gale and felt
pretty cold. (Pete is standing by the window and every few
seconds I have to jump up to see something go by. he also
is talking a steady stream as well) We passed the five
artificial islands grandpa speaks about in his book that
were built in five months after 'Perry?' was here, at the
entrance of the harbor. The outline of the shore was
entirely different than anything I'd ever seen, though it
was all low lying. Outside the headwater we anchored
for quarentine Inspection and as the President Mc 'Kinley?'
had arrived first we had to wait for her to finish being
inspected. The little boats had quite a rough time

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